Watercolor Pencil Set

Unleash your inner artist with our 52 Piece Watercolor Pencil Set

Avart 52 piece watercolor pencil set

Our watercolor pencils can be used as traditional artist coloring pencils, or you can take your artwork to the next level with the included blending brush – just add a little water to apply vibrant blending and layering to your coloring pages.


48 artist grade water soluble pencils with vibrant, thick 3mm soft cores.

An artist’s eraser and professional metal pencil sharpener, no more cheap plastic sharpeners that break easily, or worse break your pencils!

A convenient canvas roll-up bag in your choice of color to protect and organize your watercolor pencils and accessories, giving you the freedom to color anywhere creativity strikes.

A blending brush to turn your creations into beautiful watercolor paintings.

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Customer Reviews

This is the best set of watercolor Pencils I have ever had. I absolutely love this 52 piece set and I can't wait to really get more use out of them and post to my coloring groups to promote the product.

Nicole Putkisto

My favorite! I have had other watercolor pencils before but these are my favorite! I love that the eraser works with them! I've never had an eraser work with color before!

Carrie Starke

Great Variety! I’ve just recently caught on to the adult coloring fade. I’ve gone crazy just acquiring all kinds of colored pencils, watercolors, markers, and pens. I started having coloring time with my kiddos before and then picked up a cool coloring book at Costco. I’m hooked! I found this set and was excited about the carrying case and large quantity of color. I was hoping the quality was as good as the reviews said and I am definitely glad I listened! I have had good and bad colored pencils in the past and these pencils fall into the pretty good category. There are 52 different colors in the set. No repeats. It’s visually amazing and it is so useful. You aren’t carrying around too many and it isn’t so few that your hues can’t look spectacular. The quality is pretty good, I can use a single color for a while and the tip doesn’t break or crumble. The pigment is very bright and it goes on smoothly, I cannot feel it on the paper. The pigment blends well and I find that shading is good too. My family has been eyeing my art supply so it might be tough to keep to myself. The roll up belt is so noticeable and cool.

Misty M

Highly Portable and Well Organized – This is just what I was looking for, in terms of portability, and in terms of the quality of the pencils, and the case, itself. The range of colors available in the set of 48 are also what an artist wants, with variations in shades that make blending an intuitive and easy process. The pencils adapt well for either water or dry work, too. Layering of color and making variations in the intensity of color are also much less difficult with this set because of the range of colors, and the vibrancy of the pencils. I chose the black case, which also looks very professional. It not only holds the pencils securely and keeps them organized, but also holds the blending brush, the eraser, and the pencil sharpener. The eraser is artist quality--another plus for this set, and the sharpener is metal, meaning that it provides precise sharpening and will last a long time. I usually find myself digging in my bag for these accessories, or I forget to bring them along, but with them easily stored in the case, I no longer have to worry about that. art pencils and accessories.The #2 watercolor brush is just what an artist would be looking for blending colors. Overall, this is an excellent set for taking with me out in the field to sketch and/or to paint with. Since my favorite subjects are nature and wildlife, this is such a benefit for my artistic hobby. It is also convenient to pack and take with me when I travel, or when I want to take some time out at lunchtime to do some drawing or painting.

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